Friday, September 13, 2013

Evolving media

As will have become obvious by now, I've fallen behind on posting to this blog. It started out as a delay due to health issues, but the truth is that what once was a revolutionary medium for sharing artistic endeavors has now been supplanted by other media. Blogs aren't hard to maintain (though HTML is a pain in the butt), but the audience has moved elsewhere. For intance, I never had more than three people who (so far as I know) signed up to receive regular updates on my blog, my Facebook page now has 102 "likes," many of whom receive notifications or entries in their newsfeeds every time I post something.

Of course, it's anything but certain that Facebook will fare any better than Blogger, in the end. Various friends are now using Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumbler, to list just the top three competitors. And Facebook, for all of their claims to be photo-friendly, is a notoriously poor medium in terms of image quality: even the most carefully constructed pictures come out looking like they've been saved with a JPEG quality of 30%, with no option for viewing them at higher resolution (unless you include a link in the photo description, which requires uploading the photo in two places rather than just one).

So, who knows? I may land back here on Blogger someday. Or maybe someone (hint, hint?) will develop a service that allows you to post an image in one place, and have it appear simultaneously in the highest resolution possible on Blogger, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, and that-new-thing-I-don't-even-know-about-yet. Now, wouldn't that be awesome?

Meanwhile, go to to follow the latest and greatest from the light is all photography. When you "like" my page, be sure to hover your cursor over the button and select "Get Notifications," "Show in News Feed," and/or "Add to Interests Lists." And thanks for your support!

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