Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Photo of the day: Asters and honey bees

When your wife comes to you and says "you have to come out and take pictures of this," it's a good idea to listen! In this case, our aster garden was literally buzzing with bees. Mostly honey bees, but a few bumbles as well, and an occasional odd moth. You could stand still and listen and the air just thrummed with the sound of their wings. I took some videos as well, which are better for getting a sense of the sheer numbers of bees -- hundreds, probably. In a photo, though, it's better to focus on the singular. It's tough to capture a tiny insect that's constantly moving, so I took a whole series of photos, looking for the angles and settings that also gave a sense for the context of the image, the afternoon light, the sea of purple. This one's my favorite.

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