Saturday, September 29, 2012

Photo of the day: A crazy quilt of color

When the wildflowers are at their peak at Mount Rainier National Park, there is little that can equal their spectacular display of color. In fact, it's hard to even narrow down your favorites from a day of extraordinary images.

This is one of several favorites from my day at Sunrise. It's not the most unusual composition, but it does show, better than any other photo from my day, the outrageous crazy quilt of color created by blue lupines, red paintbrush, yellow pedicularis, white bistort, and a dozen other minor species. Multiply this by acres and acres and you get a small sense of what the landscape looked like.

I love this next image for the way its narrow depth of field and use of color isolates the clump of magenta paintbrush in a sea of lupine, set against the unnamed mountain tarn in the background.

Subalpine palette

This next one's my favorite wildflower-and-mountain photo of the day, taken along the trail just above Sunrise late in the afternoon.


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