Saturday, August 11, 2012

Photo of the day: King Tut's pocket game

It's not the most exquisitely crafted item in the King Tut collection at the Pacific Science Center, but it is one of my favorite photos... I love the lighting on this, with the pool of light highlighting the little game pieces in the foreground. And while it's not made of solid gold like so many of the other museum pieces, this one is just as carefully crafted, and in my view, conveys a lot more of the humanity of the Boy King than the elaborate canopic jars and burial masks in which he was laid to rest. This is a part of his life, something I'm much more intrigued by than his death.

Did he carry this little game around in his pocket? (Did he have pockets?) How was it played, and whom did he play it with? Was this a restful solace after a hard day of ruling the kingdom? Was it secretly one of his most treasured possessions? Does this artifact, more than any other, reveal the true soul of Tutankhamen?

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