Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Photo of the day: JJ Murks ♥ Summer

JJ Murks ♥ Summer by The Bacher Family
JJ Murks ♥ Summer, a photo by The Bacher Family on Flickr.

Yes, it's graffiti. In fact, most of the time I drive past this on my way to and from work and hardly take notice. It's faded and covered in dust from the road, and the view out over the canyon in the other direction is so much more appealing. But this particular day in the pouring rain the colors just jumped out at me, so vibrant on the red rock, and it made an otherwise ugly defacement... a little less ugly, in a neo-modernist or pseudo-anarchic or Jackson-Pollock or something-or-other kind of way. Anyway, it's fun to take an unusual subject and play with color and framing and see if there's a way to capture something artistic about it. I'm pleased with the way this one turned out; the balance of colors and tones just feels right to me.

Here's another I like just as well -- I especially like the broad expanse of rock with the blue heart at the top.


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