Friday, May 18, 2012

Guest photo of the day: Astorial architecture

Photo by Daniel, at the Astoria Column.

Daniel still doesn't take a lot of pictures, but when he does, he shows a good eye for composition. Sometimes I help out by adjusting the crop or straightening lines, but I do that for my own pictures, too -- the most important thing is seeing the picture, and that he is doing with increasing reliability. He's also begun asking me for feedback when we get the pictures onto the computer. "Why do you like this picture?" "I like this one better than that one -- what do you think?" This allows me to talk about composition, line, depth, and all the other things that go into making a good photograph. He'll be fun to watch.

Here's another photo from the Astoria Column -- this one, inside. Daniel liked the geometry of this one too, but didn't like the foot visible on the top of the stair. I think it humanizes the photo and draws the viewer into it. What do you think?


This one's at Fort Stevens. I like the way the composition of the photo draws your eye into it.


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