Saturday, March 3, 2012

Photo of the day: MiG

MiG by The Bacher Family
MiG, a photo by The Bacher Family on Flickr.

Another favorite image from the Valentine's Day party: Fawn Bauer and her husband Chuck Young, Chief Ranger at Mount Rainier National Park. They took some silly poses together, after which I suggested they do some more serious ones. "OK," said Chuck, "but I have to be wearing these cool shades." Fawn, of course, put some on to match him. The pose was my own suggestion, but try as she might, Fawn could not stop laughing long enough to strike a serious expression. I have several tries in which she's half-smirking, but the best image is this one, in a moment where she'd given up on containing her overbubbling amusement. Her laugh makes a great contrast to the stern expression of her husband.

It's like Men in Black. Except green.

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