Sunday, March 18, 2012

Photo of the day: The Hills of old Reliance

Looking across Alder Lake, the low foothills of the Cascades rise into a snowy morning. As I thought about what to title this picture, I wondered, what are the official names of those hills? Do they have a name? Surely they do, and I'm sure if I asked the right person they'd tell me right off. The topo maps don't say, though the highest hill -- probably out of the frame to the left of this image -- is labeled Reliance Hill, elevation about 1600 feet or so. That reminded me that, in fact, there once were two towns in this valley, Alder and Reliance, which were submerged under the reservoir that formed behind the Alder and LaGrande Dams.

Regardless of what they're called, these hills are beautiful in the morning snow with the clouds moving in and out among their peaks. The homes at their base look small in comparison. It truly is a Northwest landscape, starkly beautiful in color, and even more starkly defined in black and white.

Here's the same image in color. Which one do you like best?


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