Sunday, January 29, 2012

Guest photo of the day: Orchid

Orchid by billgfoto
Orchid, a photo by billgfoto on Flickr.
I love it when I look at a photograph and think, wow, that's a great image, I think I could do something like that myself! This one by Bill Gekas of Melbourne, Australia is a great example. It's a simple backdrop with a young model lit simply by light from a nearby window. That gives it a soft, natural light; then you just have to dress the child up on an interesting outfit, give her some flowers to hold, and start snapping pictures.

Of course, that's just the starting point... clearly, Mr. Gekas did more than that. He chose to capture facial expressions other than the big grin you typically aim for in a child's portrait. He chose to cast the shawl off the frame of the photo, perhaps held by an assistant, and to allow it to move in the slow exposure time as if it were being blown in the wind. He chose to frame the photo with the girl on one side and the shawl trailing away behind her through the negative space of the image. All of these are creative choices that elevate this above a simple portrait and make it the captivating image that has me saying "how can I do something similar."

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