Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Photo of the day: Julie in the Christmas lights

One of the most fun things to do as a photographer is to play with light. What effect does it have when you put a light over here, and another one over there to fill in the shadows? What difference does it make if the light is in front of the model, or behind her? How about if it's a white light, an amber light, or sunlight? So when we found this matrix of Christmas lights set up in the studio during one of our photo classes, left behind by someone else's project, we gravitated toward it like moths. Our model, Julie, really got into it too, sitting in front of the lights, behind the lights, close to the lights, far away from them, striking different poses. I love the effect I got with this one, with the glow of the lights on the near side of her face but also a backlighting effect behind her profile, and the warmth of the incandescence turning her skin amber. It's not a great photo, per se -- the composure's so-so, and you can see other photographers in the shadows to the left -- but it's an example of trying something out and being delighted by the result. That's what photography is all about.

Here's another angle I like a lot, mostly because of the "bokeh" -- the out of focus lights in the foreground:


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