Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Guest photo of the day: Somehow I don't think I got the rightdirection...

This photo is by my friend Angelina Kovtun, who spends every spare moment hiking with friends in the Washington Cascades, and taking incredible photos of her adventures. I particularly love this photo, because it's perfectly composed and full of life and light, an especially fine accomplishment because I'm sure it was taken with a self-timer! I love how the three women in the photo are framed on the left-hand side, in focus, with the mountains out of focus in the background on the right. I love the almost-identical poses, so bold and spirited, but pointing in slightly different directions. I love the slight vignetting around the edges of the frame, probably caused by a wide angle lens and/or a polarizing filter, but which gently focuses the attention into the image. All in all, it's a photo that speaks to me of summer days in the mountains with friends, and that makes it a success.

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