Friday, December 30, 2011

Guest photo of the day: Pika, Ochotona Princeps

Pika, Ochotona Princeps by DeForestRanger
Pika, Ochotona Princeps, a photo by DeForestRanger on Flickr.
I'm always envious of anyone who gets good photos of wildlife. It takes a combination of patience and long glass that I just don't possess most of the time. My good friend -- I'll call her "Crow," because that's what she goes by among most of her friends -- has the gift, as you can see in this photo. Her long lens is nothing more than a crossover camera with a good zoom and an uncommonly steady hand. Along with patience, she has the ability to become part of the landscape in a way that allows her to approach normally skittish animals like this pika. The detail she's managed to get in this image awes me -- you can see every hair on the fur, and it almost looks like the little fellow is about to jump out of the frame at you. My hat's off.

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