Monday, December 12, 2011

Guest photo of the day: Humanoid

Humanoid by billgfoto
Humanoid, a photo by billgfoto on Flickr.
I think I've gotten a bit snobbish lately about studio photography with strobes, as opposed to off-camera flashes. This image by Bill Gekas is a proper putting-me-in-my-place, as it's an absolutely phenomenal image made with a speedlight, softbox, and reflector. That's actually an encouraging thing for me -- because I don't own any studio strobes, but I do have a flash and a cord, and softboxes and reflectors are cheap. Beyond that, it helps to have a fantastic model, as he clearly does, giving such a natural pose, her (his?) hair blown back, presumably, by a fan underneath the camera.

I always know it's a good photo when my first reaction is "I want to do that!" ...and I start scheming how to make it happen!

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