Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Archive photo of the day: Hands-on experience

Hands-on experience by The Bacher Family
Hands-on experience, a photo by The Bacher Family on Flickr.
One of the outreach programs we offer at Mount Rainier National Park is called "CAMP" -- "Camping Adventure with My Parents." It's taken different forms over the years, but has generally involved providing opportunities for camping experiences to families who've never camped in a national park before. So, when you have a first-time camping trip planned, you want everything to go perfectly, right? And as part of that, you want the weather to be ideal--not too hot, not too cold, and certainly not wet. Who likes dealing with a muddy campsite?

Well, as it turns out, the answer to that question is: KIDS! This young lady had the time of her life playing in the mud around her tent, helping to redirect the flow of rainwater around the tent rather than under it. Her parents, to their credit, didn't panic in the wet weather, either. "We brought dry clothes," they said mildly. "It's part of the experience."

I captured this image with a fill flash, and I'm really pleased by the bright colors and high contrast that resulted, with the tent in the background just a little darker, less bright, and out of focus.

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