Friday, October 7, 2011

Photo of the day: Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth Rose by The Bacher Family
Elizabeth Rose, a photo by The Bacher Family on Flickr.
I took this photo at the South Puget Sound Photography Studio in Puyallup at a photo class focused on various kinds of lighting. For this practice session, we posed Elizabeth, a blonde model with pale skin, in a white dress against a white background, and experimented with various lighting setups to emphasize the curves of her face and body and the texture on her embroidered dress. This image was made with a strong side light and a full-length reflector, with a "flag" set up alongside the lightbox to reduce the amount of light cast on the backdrop. I like the way the photo came out, but I also really like the attitude of the model, and her direct look at the camera.

This image is also featured on the new photo portfolio I'm trying out, at Check it out!

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