Thursday, September 15, 2011

Photo of the day: Mr. Davies, Eagle Scout and National Park Servicevolunteer

Often, when I'm doing my job as the Volunteer Coordinator at Mount Rainier National Park, I talk to people over the telephone or by e-mail and help them set up volunteer projects with park supervisors, but don't actually meet them in person. So I was pleased when this young man introduced himself at a park function last weekend as the Eagle Scout candidate I'd help set up a project early this summer. Ian worked with one of our park rangers to rebuilt a trail bridge on the Wonderland Trail near Mowich Lake, and had a great time doing so!

Context aside, I'm really pleased with how this image turned out. The pose is a good one, with the body angled away from the camera and the head turned toward it -- I'll have to remember that -- and the lighting turned out well, too. I was using my flash with a diffuser on it angled up and slightly forward so that the light didn't strike his face "head on" (so to speak).

Here's another photo from the "Old Timer's Brunch" last weekend, of a slightly older alumnus. I had parked myself by the front door of the building, where the dinner line passed and where natural light from the door helped with photo exposures.


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