Thursday, September 8, 2011

Guest photo of the day: Lucky shot?

Lucky shot? by The Bacher Family
Lucky shot?, a photo by The Bacher Family on Flickr.
This is a photo taken by Daniel in 2007. It's maybe purely by accident, as he was only six years old when he took this picture, but I think it's remarkably well composed. The ball hangs in mid air on its way to the hoop, and those clouds in the background loom so wonderfully ominously in the lower third of the image. The thing is, you wonder, how much is by accident, and how much is an intuitive sense for photographic composition? And how much am I looking for photographic intuition because I'm his father?

Well, you can decide for yourself! Here's a collection of his photos, which at this writing is, purely by accident, exactly 100 images in size. What do you think? Is he talented, gifted, or just lucky?

Let me direct your attention to another favorite of mine.

Stranger things

I love the story behind this one: Daniel, at age 4, had his camera at a Tacoma Rainiers baseball game, and was having fun taking pictures. He even started taking pictures of strangers. This fellow clearly wondered who this kid was with a camera taking a random picture of him. But Daniel saw something interesting in him and snapped the shot. I suspect he'd be a bit more inhibited now, but I think it says something about him artistically that he felt that when he saw something or someone that looked interesting to him, he should capture it on "film." A lot of his photos are that way -- random subjects that touched him in some unexplainable way. An artist shouldn't censor his own vision.

He decided yesterday, by the way, that he wanted his own Flickr account, so he could share his photos with people and participate in photo challenges. Yahoo let him sign up for an e-mail account, with parental approval (they charged my credit card 50 cents for the privilege), but they won't let him have his own Flickr account till he's 13. Till then, he'll have his own space in this set on the family account.

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