Sunday, August 14, 2011

Photo of the day: Pride

I've wanted to visit the Seattle Pride Parade for several years, but something always came up to make the trip in to the city inconvenient. This year the rest of my family was away on a trip, I had the day off, and so I hopped on the commuter train and rode the rails in to watch the event. From the perspective of a photographer and people-watcher, it was fantastic, everyone dressed in rainbow colors, with the complex emotions of people so often persecuted coming together to express pride in their identity, combined with the euphoria of strength in numbers and the ability to express that pride, for once, safely and fully.

After the parade, people gravitated toward Seattle Center and its fountain, especially since it was a warm and sunny day. At one point, two gentlemen climbed up on the fountain and unfurled a pride flag, which caught the sunlight behind them. I had only a few seconds to fire off a couple of pictures before the moment passed. This was my favorite image, and to me, it iconically captures the infectuous spirit of the day.

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