Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Photo of the day: Acting Superintendent Randy King

I took this picture of Randy King, then Deputy Superintendent of Mount Rainier National Park, in front of the park's Community Building during a visit by the Regional Director of the National Park Service. I love the photo both for its technical merits, with soft lighting and a sharp foreground against a blurred background (love this lens), and also for the way that it captures Randy's personality. Randy's one of those people who are supremely competent but unassuming, foreward-thinking but also deeply rooted in the best traditions of the National Park Service, which you can see in his impeccable uniform, perfectly flat hat, and faded forest green tie.

A month after this photo was taken, Randy was named Acting Superintendent upon the departure of Superintendent Dave Uberuaga for Grand Canyon National Park. I got an e-mail from Jeff Mayor at The News Tribune asking if he could use the photo for an article he was writing in the paper. Of course I said sure, be my guest. It's always nice to see a photo in print!

Published in The News Tribune on July 24, 2011 (online at

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