Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Archive photo of the day: Snow Lake in morning fog

My sons' first backpacking trip was to Snow Lake in 2006. Other than the mosquitoes, it was a perfect trip: short trail, great weather, beautiful scenery! I even took a short swim in the lake, with emphasis on the adjective short--as you can guess by this photo, the water was barely warmer than the snow. In the morning, the mist settled around the lake, slowly lifting in the morning sun, as the mirror-still water reflected the far shore. In many ways, I find a scene like this even more beautiful than when skies are clear and sunny. There's more mood to the landscape, and it's constantly changing as the clouds move in and out among the peaks and trees.

Here's another version of the same image from the same morning. I think I prefer the above image, with the peak peaking out of the clouds; for me, the image below is just too perfectly bisected. Or maybe not perfectly enough. What do you think?
Snow Lake, and Snow Lake

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