Sunday, August 28, 2011

Accepted for exhibition!

Bodie, August 2008 by The Bacher Family
Bodie, August 2008, a photo by The Bacher Family on Flickr.
We just got home from a few days away, and in our mailbox is a notice saying that four of my photos have been accepted into the International Photography Exhibit at the Western Washington State Fair (AKA the Puyallup Fair)! Here are the four images that were accepted. The one above is of my wife's cousin's son, Bodie, taken in August of 2008. The one below was taken at a Middle School track meet in May of 2010:

Before the mark

The next one is my favorite photo from our trip to Death Valley this past March, of a coyote on the Salt Creek Trail:

Death Valley farewell

And finally, a photo of a lupine in the rain, photographed along the Glacier Basin Trail in Mount Rainier National Park in September of 2010. This one was accepted as a digital entry (as opposed to a print):

Lupine in the rain

I'm still waiting to hear on whether any of my photos were accepted ino the Washington State Photographers exhibit. Stay tuned!

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