Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Photo of the day: Young Chief Joseph

Young Chief Joseph by The Bacher Family
Young Chief Joseph, a photo by The Bacher Family on Flickr.
For a 7th grade project in Washington state history, David had to choose an individual significant to the state, research and write a biographical essay, and then make a presentation to his class--in character and in costume. David chose Chief Joseph, worked hard on his research, and put together a fantastic essay and presentation. Kelli and I helped him put together the elements of a costume--a cheap wig from Amazon.com, an imitation eagle feather, a string of beads, a strip of imitation rabbit fur, and a stand-in for a Pendleton blanket. Above, he's getting ready to make his presentation for the class. Below, he's standing in front of his class, waiting to begin, with the image of the man he is portraying on the screen behind him--present in spirt, embodied by a new generation. David was very impressed by Chief Joseph's service to his people, his dedication to peace, and his commitment to equal rights for all people.

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