Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Photo of the Day: Seattle Pride 2011: Steph!

After the Seattle Pride Parade.

This was one of those wonderful photographic moments when, as I was walking by, I glanced over, saw the image, raised the camera, and snapped the photo, all in a single thought. I find that Some of the best images are captured that way. She's such a pretty woman, and there's such an intense and direct look in her eye. Compositionally, I love that I framed the image just right without cutting off her fingers, and I love that the image includes her monogrammed coffee cup (with its exclamation mark!), the full text on her shirt, and a hint of the tattoo on her wrist. There's a hell of a lot of personality in the image.

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  1. There's a hell of a lot of personality in Steph! I love that girl!