Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Photo of the day: Fire in the Nisqually Canyon

On my way home from work today, I passed a fire in full blaze about a hundred feet over the side of Highway 7 in the Nisqually Canyon. A couple of guys parked by the road said it was a vehicle on fire, so I returned to Alder where I could get cell service and called 911. Fire trucks from Fire District 23 responded and put out the blaze, while I stayed and took pictures--in part, hoping to learn the rest of the story. Turns out the car had gone over the edge four days before, and the driver had escaped with relatively minor injuries. Why the car caught fire so many days later was a mystery, but at least no one was in the car when it did so.

The lighting was dim in the evening under the trees, and most of the best action was over the canyon rim and out of sight, but I managed to get several good shots nevertheless, especially with my 50mm prime lens. This one was my favorite. It captures the size of the response, the colorful engines and uniforms, and the sense of relaxed activity among the firefighters.

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