Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Photo of the Day: Ubehebe in black and white

After our trip to Scotty's Castle, we drove out to Ubehebe Crater for the sunset, arriving in time to see the shadow of the west wall of the crater creeping up the brilliant orange cliffs of the east wall. As beautiful as that was, I found the real challenge of photographing the site to be capturing the rugged three-dimensionality of it. The crater is so vast that the seamed and eroded walls just appeared flat in the direct light of the setting sun. It would be interesting to visit this spot at other times of the day and see what works better--looking at other photos on Flickr, it looks like maybe a little earlier in the afternoon would have created better shadows. So, without that option, I opted for black and white, focusing on the high contrast of the rock and plants. I'm reasonably pleased with the results you see here.

The crater, by the way, was caused by a titanic explosion caused when magma came in contact with groundwater. Water: one of the most explosive elements on the planet, under the right conditions, as you can see so well right here at Ubehebe Crater.

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