Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Photo of the Day: Sadie

Sadie, originally uploaded by The Bacher Family.
How do you take a picture of a kid who's completely camera-shy, who ducks behind a potted plant every time you raise the lens to your eye? Why, you put the camera in your lap, aim it the best you can, trust your camera's automatic settings, and hope for the best! It worked well for me with Sadie. I love that the main thing that's in focus in this photo is her nearest eye, and I love the glint in that eye, the grin on her face (still shyly hidden behind her hand), and her hair falling into her eyes, with the braid blurred in the background.

All in all, a great shot; though I can't help but imagine how much better yet it would be with a better camera. I find myself, more and more, pushing the limits of my Canon 350D (Rebel XSi), especially in terms of its ability to capture images in low light. I compensate by using great light-gathering lenses with wide apertures, but that leaves the depth of field, as in this photo, more shallow than I'd like; and I use high ISOs, which increases noise in the image. I can only imagine this photo with, say, a Canon 5D, with the same 85mm prime lens, but at 6400 ISO rather than 1600, and an aperture of f/7.2 instead of f/1.8. That would make the difference between a great photo, and one of my best.

1 comment:

  1. Personally, I like the shot.

    But yes, digital noise is a non-starter for me, a little grain, especially in black & white film, is compositional element.

    I would love to see you shoot some film from time to time.