Thursday, February 10, 2011

, originally uploaded by I ♥ CIA.
Krasna Searovic uses a lot of strong side lighting in her portraits, and it works really well for her. The image below is a great example. I love this shot despite--because?--you can only see half of the model's face; for me, that adds a lot of power to the ambiguous expression. It helps that the visible eye is sharply in focus (along with the rest of the face), and the collar, further hiding part of the right side of her face, only adds further mystery. The close crop works, too, bringing the stark image even closer to the viewer.

So why did I choose a different photo for the top image? Ultimately, I decided I liked it better! Not as dramatic or intriguing, perhaps, but a fascinating portrait in its own right; and the image below just seems a touch burnt out in the highlights. It's a close call, so I've included them both!

, originally uploaded by I ♥ CIA.

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