Sunday, February 13, 2011

Guest Photo of the Day: Kylie V

Kylie V, originally uploaded by jason highway tan.
I wasn't sure, at first, whether this photo was a favorite of mine or not. The colors seem a bit washed out at first, and the left shoulder almost disappears into the light of overexposure. But the longer I looked at it, the more intrigued I became, and the more the imperfections seemed calculated rather than mistakes. They fit with the overall look of the picture: the hair a bit tangled, the pose a bit off-kilter with that hand tucked awkwardly behind her back, the gaze both guarded and candid at the same time--it certainly isn't a standard glamor pose. Add the hair draped over the breasts and the loose button on her pants--when you can tear your eyes away from hers--and it makes for a very intriguing photo by Jason Tan.

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