Thursday, February 3, 2011

Archive Photo of the Day: A scene out of an action movie

Doesn't it just look like one of those epic Jerry Bruckheimer films, where the hero comes running out of the smoke in slow motion just as the building explodes behind him? Here's Daniel, escaping from the exhaust of a rocket ship! Actually, this is at the outside play area at Curious George's Playhouse at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. Out of all the cool rides we visited at the park, the place both boys enjoyed the most was the Playhouse, where they got to shoot soft balls at each other and vaccuum them up off the floor, run around on a multi-level play structure, and run through the outdoor water features. I love this photo because of its bright colors--isn't it just great serendipity that Daniel was wearing all red?--and the cool effect of him running through the mist.

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