Sunday, January 9, 2011

Photo of the Day: Tristen

Tristen, originally uploaded by the light is all.
A few weeks ago, I featured two of my photos from my first-ever session at a real studio, Iris Photography in Seattle, in early October. I have so many great shots from that session that it's worth reprising the theme and sharing with you a few more images. This is one of my favorites simply because Tristen is clearly so comfortable in her skin; there's an ease and naturalness about her that is, in my opinion, very beautiful. We'd already taken a round of photos without props, and the photographer before me gave her this gold veil for some extra business to work with; it led to so great poses. Another one is below, which I love because of the prominent tattoo, which, for me, significantly adds to the character of the portrait, and reveals some of Tristen's personality, even without her face being visible.

Both of these photos are also available in color: the one above here, the one below here. I prefer the black and white versions, but only barely, and reserve my right to change my mind. Which do you like better?

Tristen, originally uploaded by the light is all.

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