Monday, December 27, 2010

Guest Photo of the Day: Susie (regard)

Susie (regard) by Pascal Renoux

Of all the photographers I've come across on Flickr, none has resonated with my on artistic sensibilities as much as Pascal Renoux. I flagged fully 47 photos as possible examples of photos I loved out of his collection of 464 photos, fully 10% of the total! I strongly encourage you to check out his complete collection. Along with this photo that I finally settled on as representative of the whole, I was tempted by Lizzie and Monsieur Clem, along with quite a few of his fine art images. I chose this one because the lighting is perfect--getting that just right in a black and white image isn't easy; the composition is perfect (I love the depth of field); and the model is both beautiful and unconventional, both in her impish pose and her real-life, non-glamour-model hairy arms. That ability to capture both beauty and humanity in a photographic portrait is what I aspire to.

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