Monday, January 17, 2011

Guest Photo of the Day: newport beach

newport beach, originally uploaded by Eric 5D Mark II.
It always impresses me when a photographer turns a mundane, everyday image--a pier stretching out into the bay, for example--into a breathtaking work of art. "Eric" (why do so many photographers refrain from revealing their full identity on Flickr?) manages this, near as I can tell, by using a great camera (the Canon 5D I've had my eye on, which takes great pictures in low light); careful composition; shooting at the right time of day, when the colors are richest; using a long exposure to smooth out the water and blur the people on the pier; and, I'm guessing, adding a touch of starburst in post-production, along with extra color saturation. Probably a Camera Raw image to begin with.

It's fun to guess how such a nice picture was made, and even more fun to plan for my own version someday.

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