Thursday, January 20, 2011

Guest Photo of the Day: Images du Monde flottant

Images du Monde flottant, originally uploaded by ffrima.
Sometimes, I react to a photo in interestingly conflicting ways. This photo, for example, by Fran├žois Rimasson: for the most part, I love the picture. The model is beautiful, her pose classic, the draping perfectly framed to emphasize her flawless back while not quite dipping low enough to cross the line from classic to sensual. And yet: I don't think I like the cropping of the head. It helps to keep the focus on the back, I suppose, but for me, including the full profile would be less distracting. I also don't care for the loooong, curved eyelashes, which seem a bit affected to me. But these are details. 90% love it, 10% not so much. When I get a chance, I'll do my own version, the way I like it!

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