Monday, December 6, 2010

Guest Photo of the Day: girl on blue

girl on blue
girl on blue by mosippy
I absolutely love it when I find an artist for whom it's hard to choose my favorite photo. That's the case with Christina Gandolfo, which is interesting because some of her photos are just, well, meh for me, but others I find stunning. I almost picked a delightful photo of a cat looking like Lord of the Studio, and then fell for a whimsical photo of a friend, and then found this one and knew it was my favorite. There's such a beautiful, quiet sense of self-composure in this portrait, and it's so beautifully captured in the posture of the shoulders, the tilt of the head, the slightly careless fall of the hair, and the perfect match of costume, background, and eyes.


  1. Kevin, this link was just forwarded to me. Thanks very much for the mention and inclusion. I'm thrilled that you like the Girl on Blue image so much because it happens to be one of my favorites from the past year but isn't necessarily one others comment on. Also, I'd love to know what your 'meh' photo are, too, if you ever want to share. Feedback of all kinds is welcome, and so often people only share the "good." :) Again, thanks for noticing and sharing my work! Glad to have discovered your blog.

  2. What a nice surprise to hear from one of the artists featured on my photo blog! It's great because it's actually the first time it's happened, in the slightly over a year that I've been publishing the site. Of course, I haven't been sending photographers notices, either; maybe I should.

    I started the blog last year as a way of exploring my own concept of the definition of "good photography." Kind of an online journal of sorts. I wanted to highlight some of my own ongoing work as a serious amateur photographer, my growth as an artist; and also to call attention to some of my earlier work, analyze it, and by doing so, figure out "what worked" so that I can do more of it. I chose to make the other third of my entries about other photographers because, frankly, there are a lot of people out there like yourself who are a lot better at photography than I am, and I wanted to decide what styles and techniques I really liked, and why, and try to emulate some of that in my own photos. It's been a wonderfully creative process for me and it has motivated me to try to take better pictures.

    I truly do enjoy your photostream. I especially like the creative, offbeat poses that I referenced in the blog, and best of all the photos like the one I highlighted that are both gorgeous AND filled with personality. You asked which photos I found "meh," which is a fair question! Mostly they're the conventional photos, the ones posed like a million others you see everywhere; they serve their purpose and Lord knows I've taken a lot of them myself, but they're not the ones that make me smile. Picking a page at random (page 7) from your photostream, for example, the photos titled "blake II," "blake," "lush," and "tres jolie" are nice shots but don't do much for me. "smoke break," "ciera," "day's end," and "mrrmeer!" are at the other end of the spectrum: less technically perfect, even "outtakes," but they reveal a lot more about the personalities of the people (or cats) involved, and for me, that's what I find interesting.

    Happily, your photostream is much heavier on the latter than the former!

    Glad you enjoy the blog! Feel free to share your own insights on my photos if you feel inspired; I would humbly be the first to say that feedback is welcome.