Saturday, January 1, 2011

Archive Photo of the Day: In Memory

In Memory, originally uploaded by The Bacher Family.
The winter of 1989-90, I worked as a seasonal park ranger at Great Basin National Park in eastern Nevada. My project for the winter was a fascinating one: to research and produce wayside exhibits on the "Osceola Ditch," a long canal designed to carry water to the dry east side of a moutain range from a spring on the west side, for the purpose of sluice mining. It was an audacious plan in the desert, and ultimately failed because the miners couldn't keep enough water flowing through the leaky channel, but not before the boom town of Osceola sprung up, burned brightly, and then flamed out. One winter day I drove over to Osceola to see the place for myself, negotiating unplowed 4WD roads. There wasn't much left, except an old cemetery, including this memorial to a child whose life was even more brief than that of the town where he was born.

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