Monday, January 25, 2010

Guest Photo of the Day: what she left behind

what she left behind, originally uploaded by Stephen ~.
As someone who is partial to realism in photography, I appreciate a photographer who manages to inject elements of romanticism or sureilism into their work, through careful composition, lighting, or modeling, without resorting to tricks of photoshop. This photo by Stephen Carroll is a great example, with its muted colors, its horizon disappearing into the fog, and the boat in the foreground cropped so as to leave it adrift in the expanse of image with no shoreline to anchor it. The carefully draped dress in the foreground, standing out brightly against the shadow, catches the eye and makes you wonder what might be the rest of the story.

Here's another one I like, less ambiguous but just as evocative.

, originally uploaded by Stephen ~.

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