Saturday, December 18, 2010

Guest Photo of the Day: mystereality

mystereality, originally uploaded by scottelbot.
Scott El takes the most beautiful pictures of Iceland. Imagine my surprise to look up his profile and find he lives in Portland, Oregon! Well, wherever he is, he takes great pictures. I wavered between showcasing this image or this one, and had originally chosen the latter, but this one kep calling to me. I think I like it better, even though the other is more technically perfect, because this one tugs at my imagination more. The black and white, the water, the mist rising, the far-off mountains, and the silhouette of a woman in the foreground all open up a million questions about who, where, and under what circumstances. The caption answers a few, but it's still an intriguing picture.

I also love this self-portrait of the photographer.

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