Sunday, December 19, 2010

Photo of the Day: Drift Creek Falls Panorama

In the Siuslaw National Forest southeast of Lincoln City, Oregon is Drift Creek Falls, a popular hiking destination. The Forest Service, about ten years ago, built a suspension bridge over the gorge just above the falls, providing a fantastic aerial view in addition to the view at the bottom of the trail. Sometime early in 2010, with no one around to witness it, a massive slab of rock peeled off of the cliff wall and crashed to the bottom of the canyon, changing forever the shape of the falls (which used to be about fifteen feet taller) and the canyon wall. I created this image out of several photos stitched together, showing the bridge, the rock, the falls, the cliff of columnar basalt, and a friend climbing out on the massive slab, providing a sense of the immense scale.

Here's a link to the view from near the same spot just two years ago, in which you can see the slab of rock that eventually fell bulging out just to the left of the falls. Here, too, is another photo of the falls that I took this October. It's amazing how different this photo looks from the one above it, that one giving a sense of raw geologic power, this one looking serene and almost romatic, just from a difference in composition and shutter speed.

IMG_4150_1, originally uploaded by The Bacher Family.

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