Sunday, December 5, 2010

Archive Photo of the Day: Biotoilet Designer

Biotoilet_037, originally uploaded by The Bacher Family.
In 2008, a Japanese group called Groundwork Mishima donated a high-tech "bio toilet" to Mount Rainier National Park. Through the use of special bacteria on a cedar chip substrate, the toilet, now located in the Cougar Rock Campground, literally digests human waste completely, producing no effluent. It's a perfect design for remote locations like Mount Fuji, and the toilet's designers wanted to try it out in the US: would the same technology work as well with American cedar and intestinal flora? Groundwork, a Japanese conservation group, saw an opportunity to capitalize on the growing relationship between conservationists at Mount Fuji and Mount Rainier, their "sister mountain."

All of this is prelude to explaining that this gentleman is the inventor of the biotoilet, who traveled to Mount Rainier National Park to supervise its installation and dedication. I found his proud bearing and lined face to be a fascinating subject of photography.

And by the way, the toilet is working great!

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