Monday, November 15, 2010

Guest Photo of the Day: me.

me., originally uploaded by andaria.
Nina K. Sundberg is one of those photographers--so common if you look through many collections of pictures--for whom a simple photograph, artfully composed, usually isn't enough to satisfy the photographer's creative urge. Most of her photos rely on dreamy atmospherics or unusual color composition to make them "artistic." Predictably, the photos I like best, myself, are the shots like this one, straightforward, yet in that photographic perfection, layers of emotion and meaning that go well beyond the surface.

Here's another of Sundberg's photographs that illustrates this principle even better. On the surface, it's simply an unedited capture of a scene involving a person and a room. And yet the composition and pose create dimensions of meaning one can only guess at, especially with the ambiguous title of the photo, "ambitions." That's what makes a great photograph, for me, more than any fancy processing.

ambitions, originally uploaded by andaria.

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