Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Guest Photo of the Day: a_004

a_004, originally uploaded by fran_la.
Face painting is a technique that walks a fine line, in my book, between interesting and pretentious. A lot of the time, I look at a painted face, scowling in a typical "fashion photography" pose, and it seems like simply a failed attempt to make an uninteresting portrait look more clever. Franziska Laue succeeds more often than most, in part because her best face painting (in my opinion) doesn't try to alter the face so much as enhance it. This set is a great example. The pose itself is awesome--even without added color, the upward angle of the camera, the strong jaw, the set of the mouth, the brilliant blue eyes would be beautiful. But in this case, the blue tone on the cheek and temple, matching the eyes and necklace, make this an extraordinary image. I'd love to get shots like this.

Here are two others in the same series:

a_003, originally uploaded by fran_la.

a_001, originally uploaded by fran_la.

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