Monday, September 27, 2010

It's photo contest season!

Seems like there are several photo contests all coming due at the same time here at the end of September and beginning of October. I've spent the past couple of days gathering entries for five of them--mostly for nothing more than the minor fame of being selected as a winning entry, though the Canon photo contest could win me an EOS Rebel 5D. That would be great!

Here are my entries:

Popular Photography's Photo of the Month
September's challenge is "landscapes captured by compact cameras." These, then are from my archives. Five entries are permitted. The winner gets $100 and their photo printed in the magazine:

P8030057 Rainier vista (50) Winter vista Joshua Tree National Park Sunset Silhouette

Diversity Days
Two entries are permitted for the Department of the Interior's "Diversity Days" photo contest, open to all DOI employees. The winner gets published and congratulated:

Junior Ranger The Mountain in his mind's eye

Costco International Photo Contest
Only one entry is permitted, in the category "give us your best shot." First prize is a $2500 Costco cash card and a 40x60 enlargement of your photo. I had a lot of fun choosing the one image that best fit this theme, considering and discarding, for example, a photo of one of David's track teammates throwing a shot put. Here's the one I settled on:

Before the mark

Washington Trails Association's Northwest Exposure photo contest
WTA looks for photos in five different categories, in which you can enter one photo apiece. The grand prize winner gets published on the magazine cover, and the runners up get published inside and receive gifts from the contest sponsors. Here are my entries in, respectively, the categories of Wild Landscapes, Flora & Fauna, Hikers in Action, Families on Trail, and Offbeat:

IMG_2821_2 Marmot on the Skyline Trail (10) Skyline Big mountain, small world The Mountain in his mind's eye

Canon Photography in the Parks
This is the big one. Ten entries are permitted, from national, state, and local parks throughout the U.S. The two grand prize winners receive Canon EOS 5D Mark II cameras, and the two second prize winners get 7Ds, none too shabby either. I submitted ten entries and three were rejected because they contained "representations of a person or persons," something I'd missed in the official rules apparently. Fortunately I still had time to submit substitutions. Here are my ten entries:

Marmot on the Skyline Trail Lights in the heavens Still Life at Fort Vancouver Longmire at Night Light and Spray Magenta and Indigo Crater Lake Rogue Capitol at Night columns Keet Seel 2

There's one contest yet to enter: the National Public Lands Day photo contest. I took some good shots this past Saturday, so I just need to decide which ones to enter--and then track down the permission forms necessary for doing so.

Wish me luck!

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