Friday, October 22, 2010

Guest Photo of the Day: Those rainy hot evenings

Those rainy hot evenings, originally uploaded by Yubai K.
When you take photographs, it's all about the light. That's why I love this photo so much... it doesn't have a beautiful model in it, or a child with a gleam in her eye, but somehow, this photo captures the spirit of a place--in this case, Taipei--just as surely. And that's precisely the goal of photographer Yubai K:

"Living in Taipei, I'm trying hard to translate my vision of the city and its people, my perception of urban realities and atmospheres shaped by the buildings, the streets and most of it, the beauty of all kind of lights..."

I think he's succeeded. This photo has such a beautiful noirish feel to it. It also reminds me of the city streets in the movie Bladerunner, with the oriental streetfronts, umbrellas, and ubiquitous rain, though without the crowds and garbage. In this case, a more utopian than dystopian urban vision.

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