Thursday, October 28, 2010

Guest Photo of the Day: luiza

luiza, originally uploaded by geonikon (very busy).
First of all, I love George Boicu-Budu's screen name, "geonikon (very busy)." I wonder about the story behind that parenthetical addition, and how it ended up as a permanent commentary in his name! Beyond that, though, it's clear that Boicu is a brilliant painter of light. He has photos of both people and landscapes, the common thread of which is that all are absolutely gorgeous. Check out his picture of "golden grass" to see what I mean! Ultimately, I chose this portrait as my favorite because, frankly, I just love portraits, not because it's necessarily the most representative of his pictures. I like the tight framing of this picture, the hair half hiding the eye, the splash of green and white blurred in the background. And the caption noting "portrait at -15 °C :)".

And, I can't resist throwing in another one for good measure, another portrait in perfect light:

a fine observer, originally uploaded by geonikon (very busy).

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