Thursday, October 7, 2010

Guest Photo of the Day: Keena and mommy and baby in tummy

I like Rob Mulligan's photography, a combination of studio style portraits and everyday photos; it's similar to my own style of photography, and it's so good! This is one of my favorites, of Mulligan's first daughter and wife, who is several months pregnant with their second child. There are several great images in this series, both color and black and white, but I like this one best because the light so beautifully caresses the mother's expanding tummy, and because the expression on Keena's face is so candid and tender. I wonder if she was directed to this pose, or just came to it naturally.

I really appreciate Mulligan's lighting descriptions; it helps me to visualize how the photo was crafted, and gives me a sense for how to repeate it.

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