Friday, August 20, 2010

Guest Photo of the Day: windy

windy, originally uploaded by tsnoap.
Teresa Snoap takes beautiful portraits of family and friends, few of them in studio settings, which makes her photography of particular interest to me, since those are the conditions under which I usually shoot as well. It's a challenge and a quest to catch a glimpse of the spirit of a person in a spontaneous setting. Of all Snoap's photos, I like this one the best, and I find it interesting that in spite of all I just said, it's the one that most looks like it could have been taken in a studio. But I like the clear background, free of distraction, and the perfect, even lighting on the face. These are things to keep in mind as I compose my own shots. The hair flying in the wind, the toothy grin and freckles, all add to the effect of the photo. It would be interesting to see what it looked like in color, to see why the photographer chose to present it in black and white. Whatever the reason, it works in this case!

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