Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Guest Photo of the Day: Takin' a bath

Takin' a bath, originally uploaded by Svavar Trausti.
I love it when I find a photographer like Svavar Trausti with whom it's tough to settle on a favorite photo to share. Would it be the cute baby grinning at the camera? Or the equally cute baby caught, in perfect lighting, utterly unhappy about being photographed? Maybe the classic and perfectly executed portrait of young Stefán Björn? In the end, I couldn't resist this image of Stefán in the bathtub, just for the delightfully whimsical composition, and those beautiful, watchful eyes gazing directly into the camera. Three things make this an excellent photo technically: first, the shallow depth of field, which blurred the edge of the bathtub in the foreground--it wouldn't be as good a photo, in my opinion, if it had been in focus; second, the white background, in which a rubber ducky or other items would have been distracting; and third, the choice of black and white, which emphasizes those big beautiful dark eyes in the expanse of pale skin and tub.

I can't help but compare this image to two similar photos of my own, one in the bathtub, the other in a pool, both favorites, but neither one nearly as well composed as Trausti's.

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