Sunday, August 8, 2010

Guest Photo of the Day: sunshine

sunshine, originally uploaded by Stephen is speechless.
I'm fascinated by the use and manipulation of color in Stephen Carroll's photographs. He prefers a muted pallet, tending strongly toward browns and olive greens; sometimes his pictures look desaturated, while other times, as in this photo, they just look like they were that way in real life. In either case, the effect is striking, giving the image some of the strength of a black and white photo, with its emphasis on tone and texture, while still retaining some of the vividness of a color image.

With my love of portrait and figure photography, I was drawn to this image for its direct simplicity. I love the way the light models the muscles and bones of the upper chest and face; I love the effect of the hair spread out like a halo around her face; and I love the direct gaze and firmly-set lips of the model. I love that Carroll kept the image sharp, preserving the detail in the texture of the skin and lips, and the small grains of sand clinging to the model's skin.

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