Saturday, August 14, 2010

Guest Photo of the Day: Pregnant Lotus Smile

Pregnant Lotus Smile, originally uploaded by bettina n.
I really love this photo on Bettina Neuefeind. She has some great photos of her own on her Flickr site, but this one, apparently, was taken of her by a friend. Regardless, it's a lovely photo; besides the absolutely radiant grin on her face, the composition is perfect, centered symmetrically on the bed, with everyting about the pose, the clothing, the body, and the setting a mirror image except for the slightly tilted head. I love the lighting, too, so soft, which is perfect for the mood of a pregnancy photo; my guess is that it comes from a window to the left of the photographer, creating the effect of a large softbox that caresses the body with light and gives it nice dimension, especially on the pregnant belly. All in all, an excellent photograph.

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