Thursday, August 5, 2010

Guest Photo of the Day: dikla

, originally uploaded by shay....
Whenever I find a photo I like on Flickr, I always browse through the rest of that person's photos to see what I might learn from their particular style. Sometimes I find that the person takes good photographs, but other than a few isolated examples, their style is not to my liking. That's the case with the photos of Shay Arbel, whose photos tend to be just a little odd for my taste, with a sense of ennui to them. Sometimes, though he applies that style to a photo with a more classical composition, either a black-and-white studio portrait or, as in this case, a color image taken outside. For me, this one works because that sense of being lost in a world that doesn't quite make sense, which you can see well on the face of the model, her hair in disarray across her face, matches the bare, expansive landscape she's standing in, and the gray clouds above her. That gives the image a symbolic resonance to me that many of Shay's other photos lack.

Besides, the girl is beautiful, and I love the unguarded look on her face.

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